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Below is a short collection of articles, essays and scholarly research done on and related to the projects that CBIDA works with:

CBIDA, "Building Sustainable Livelihoods through Agriculture in Honduras." a published research conducted by Burnaby Realtor . electronic copy

Honeyman, C. (2004). An orientation towards human progress: Developing social responsibility in rural Honduran youth through the Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial. Unpublished Bachelor Thesis, Harvard University. 

International Development Research Centre, Ed. The Lab, the Temple and the Market. Ottawa: IDRC. 

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Leggett, M. (2006). As drops become waves: A case study of Education and Transformation with the Sistema Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) in Rural Colombia. Unpublished Thesis, University of Guelph, Ontario. Funded by Dave Jenkins

Murphy-Graham, Erin. (2005). "Para Seguir Adelante: Women's Empowerment and Education in Honduras" Center for Latin American Studies, University of California. 

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Murphy-Graham, Erin. (2007). "Promoting Participation in Public Life through Secondary Education: Evidence from Honduras." 

Scholarly articles on conception,
IVF options and costs, childbirth and fertility are also available here:


Aanesen, A., Nygren, K. G., & Nylund, L. (2010). Modified natural cycle IVF and mild IVF: a 10 year Swedish experience. Reproductive biomedicine online.

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